So, tonight I have been working on the mock-up of my Haptic Journal, based on the overall theme of Process.

During the first week of class, we were asked to keep a journal (this blog is that journal) for 7 days, answer a set of questions based around design and take photos during the day that represented our responses, then give each entry a title using 2 nouns.

My first 6, after reviewing them as a whole, were listing the different stages of the design process (I have been editing them outside of this blog):

  1. Overview and Brief 
  2. Tools and Rules 
  3. Mind and Map 
  4. Goals and Plans 
  5. Trial and Error 
  6. Syntheses and Execution. 

On day 7, as you may have read, I had a little run-in with Una Cucaracha and somehow managed to weave the whole experience of killing it into a metaphor that encompassed each phase of said design process - hence the reason for the established overall theme of the physical journal that I am building. 

My idea is to create an experience for the user, where they have to go through a process in order to get to the image that goes with the story of the roach. The whole piece will be called Design + Murder: A Six Step Process. On the back of the lid will be the written story of the roach and Inside there will be Six pieces that represent each step of the design process listed above - the steps that were also taken to kill the roach. Each piece can be taken out, opened and an image with corresponding text will explain each step. Lift each piece to reveal an image of the murder scene with the deceased roach and the tools that were used. 

I would like the final material to be of the main structure to be wood, the process pieces have yet to be determined.

This is all for now… Prototype submission is tomorrow at 11.