Example of Process: SAVexpress

Another class - this time my team and I (Industrial Design, Sustainable Design, Interior Design + 2 International members - one from Dominican Republic the other from Germany) entered a contest through (one of my favorite companies) - IDEO’s Open Planet Ideas to develop a solution to an issue relating to sustainability and the environment, using existing Sony Technology and Products. Wanting something within reach, we chose to focus on the horrible public transportation that exists in Savannah, GA and redesigned a whole new system that was presented to the city on many different occasions. 

Like the previous post, our process was:

  1. Researching existing issues locally, nationally, globally
  2. Breaking down the most important issues to tackle, honing in on one
  3. Blue-sky brainstorming of ideas and concepts
  4. Contextual Research, interviews, user scenarios, experiencing the system for ourselves through storytelling, competitive analysis of successful transportation systems both nationally and globally, etc.
  5. Synthesizing data, brainstorming concepts
  6. Sketching/Prototyping
  7. Development and refinement
  8. Final Presentation to the City

The final system incorporated a new name - SAVexpress - Savannah Express, SAVe for short - as in Save Time, Save Money, Save the Environment. Using a Sony Felica Card with microchip, users can access all elements of the system and become part of the system’s network to add money, view how much they have saved by using public transportation (economically and environmentally), and more.

Each element includes a new bus system with cleaner and more efficient shelters and smaller stand-alone kiosks with virtual concierge service; Bike share program, Carpooling System, Community Cab Service, Solar Ferry from Downtown Savannah to Tybee Island, Solar Monorail from Downtown to the Airport or Southside; park and ride service; hybrid fueling stations; recycling program; virtual tourist guide using Sony PSP handheld devices and QR Codes; iPhone Application and website. 

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